e-Learning designers take note - User Experience (UX) course offered by OCAD University

09 Jun 2016 12:36 PM | Mollie O'Neill (Administrator)

There is a growing science around how people interact with content presented online. Will the user follow a link? How much content will the user read? Where do users look to find information - on the left, right, top, or bottom of the screen? This area of study is called 'user interface' (UI) and 'user experience'  UX. Colleges and universities offer courses on UI and UX to educate eLearning developers and website designers on factors to consider in their designs.

One such course is offered by OCAD University (formerly the Ontario College of Art and Design). You can take the course either online or in class.

Title: Introduction to User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design

Description: This course introduces UI and UX, the essential tools required to create compelling user experiences for desktop, tablet, and mobile users. Students will learn to plan and design effective user interfaces based on aesthetic, psychological, scientific, and technological considerations. Topics include user-centred design, identifying requirements, and information architecture. Students will build mock-ups and create wireframes to test the user experience. This course qualifies for the Certificate in Web Design and Development Skills and the Certificate in Digital Media Skills.

Length of Time: 6 weeks, 3 hours each class (18 hours in total)

Delivery Format: Choice between all In-class or all online

Cost: $395 + HST

Links for registration:

June 29 start: https://continuingstudies.ocad.ca/class_details.jsp?activityId=5989

July 9 start: https://continuingstudies.ocad.ca/class_details.jsp?activityId=6355

July 27 start (online): https://continuingstudies.ocad.ca/class_details.jsp?activityId=6349

OCAD U also has an intermediate section of UI UX, which will be offered in the fall.

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