eLearningLearning or training content that is provided through digital means such as the internet, a company’s intranet, webinar, webcast, CDs (compact disks) or DVDs. eLearning is also called online learning.
 BackendThe user does not have control of the code or information that is displayed. For example, one company does not allow customers to change their address. The customer has to cal the company and a staff member will make the changes on the server. These changes would be said to happen on the backend.
Graphic designer
 Person who creates the look and feel of the interface
  LMS    Learning Management System Twenty years ago, an LMS was a registration tool and holder of course content. A student logged in and found the courses or exercises they had to complete. The function of LMSs has expanded with features have been added, such as discussion groups, videos and students being able to publish their work for other students to see.
Most LMSs have pre-determined functions; additional features may be available for an extra fee. Moodle is open-source LMS. While the software itself is free, the user has to define all the features to be used.
 Open Source
 Access to the underlying code so you can make changes. Most software packages give limited to no access to the code. With the software we are using here, I can change the code in this page, but there are features I want to add to the website but can't because I don't have access to the backend server

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