How to Play Craps

Craps is a game of money that originated in the United States. The principle of the game is to bet on the results of a roll of two dice. During the games, participants must place craps bets on a table divided into 3 zones. It is important to know and master the basics of the game to avoid the traps.

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rolling on a craps table

Craps Rules

A game of craps starts with the first roll of the dice. This phase is called the come-out roll. During this phase, 3 possibilities can occur. The shooter rolls craps if the sum of the two dice is 2, 3 or 12.

Those who bet on Pass lose their bets which are collected by the dealer.

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The move is void with 12.

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Players who bet Do not pass with 2 and 3 have won their bet.

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When the player rolls 7 or 11 all participants who bet on Pass win cash. Those who bet on Don’t Pass lose their bets.

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When the results are 4 to 10, this score represents the Point and indicates the beginning of the second phase of craps.

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The shooter rolls the two dice again, as in the first game, and several possibilities arise:

  • Those who played Pass win the game if they make the point again.
  • Those who bet Pass lose their bets if the result of the roll is 7.
  • The game is suspended and the shooter throws the dice again if he does not make the Point or 7.
  • The game does not end until the shooter rolls a point or 7.

Description of a Craps Table

A craps table has several indications:

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Pass Line

casino blue chips

Don’t Pass Bar

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Don’t Come Bar

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A standard table is divided into 3 areas, 2 similar areas and a central area. The similar areas consist of pass/don’t pass, come/don’t come, even, place and field. The middle area is reserved for propositions.

Some Betting Strategies in Craps

How to bet craps? One of the tips for playing this game of chance is to manage your money properly. It is important to always set a bankroll (the amount of money you are willing to lose) for each session of play. It is crucial not to exceed this amount, so if you have lost a lot of money, you should not try to win it back. Beginners can practice safely on flash or HTML5 games.

Playing Craps Online Is Straightforward

Casino online game

You can practice playing Craps, like the other games as roulette, by choosing to play this table game in demo mode at virtual casino sites. Just find it in the catalogue and master your skills.

You can also have fun on The Craps, a Facebook application inspired by the casino game. Fans of the game can enjoy a new experience by playing on iPhone, iPad or Android smartphones and tablets. A few more specialized sites offer a game with the same rules as craps, accessible for free without downloading and more direct.

There are many craps online brands that offer the game. It is important to do your own research and carefully consider the options available to you before deciding to play craps online. Some things you may want to consider when looking for a site to play craps online include the reputation of the site, the variety of games and betting options available, the security and privacy measures in place to protect your personal and financial information, and the terms and conditions of play. It is also important to ensure that the site is legal and licensed.